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About C2D Market Place:


C2D Market Place is venture of Om shakti solution, a firm established in the year 2012 and existing in Nagpur, Maharashtra. As the name portrays it is a dealing site whose facilities/services can be utilized by connecting with the site again and again.

The main object of this site is to connect with thousands and lakhs of people from all around the Globe by offering them discount on various services offered.

The services have been chosen taking into consideration the needs of people at large. As everybody knows that God help those who help themselves.

Thus unless and until a person takes initiative to safeguard himself from the evils of price rise he cannot survive.

C2D Market Placel offers discounted service /goods to the customer through its service provider. It has been designed keeping in mind the value of single rupee for various customers.

Through Connect2deal an individual can save near about thousands of rupees on various services selected. Thus, by enrolling themselves free of cost an individual can automatically enter into a place whereby they can save huge amount of money every time they shop.

Apart from offering discounted goods and services to its members, it also helps the customer to stay connected with various traders whereby the member can enjoy the benefits of membership accordingly.

We may curtail corruption, inflation & population but we cannot stop them and on this rising note we quote that DO NOT CRY OVER INFLATION, BE SMART, JOIN THE C2D MARKET PLACE REVOLUTION.


Note :


C2D Market Place is a intermediatory website and does not sell any product on its own. It is just a platform whereby users can connect with different service providers through us.