How C2D Marketplace works



  1. Click on the sign up link as portrayed on the right hand side corner of the website.
  2. Provide necessary details as requested.
  3. Become our lifelong user for free.
  4. Avail different services of service providers by issuing coupon free of cost.
  5. Be a part of C2D family.

Coupon/Voucher related points

  1. Coupons are issued when the user/associate want to avail the concerned service by visiting the outlet of service provider.
  2. Maximum 3 coupons can be issued by the user/associate in a day.
  3. Only one coupon in respect of one service provider (as specified in the service list of C2D) can be issued in a single day.
  4. At least 2 out of 3 coupons issued should be redeemed on an average.
  5. Coupons should not be issued just for the same of issuing.
  6. If any associate issues coupon unnecessarily his account will be suspended for indefinite period thereafter he will be responsible for all the liabilities as applicable. A suspended account shall be activated only after receiving/getting reasonable reason from the associate about the act which led to the suspension of his/her account.
  7. If the user/associate fails to provide reasonable/valid reason, his account will be terminated & thereafter the concerned person ceases to be an associate.
  8. The user/associate will be debarred from all the facilities of C2D once the account gets terminated. Decision of C2D shall be final in this regard.
  9. If the user/associate does not agree with the aforesaid points he should refrain from associating with C2D.
  10. The confirmation from service provider will be taken to cross check whether the coupons have been utilized properly or not.
  11. By unnecessary and for the sake of issuing we mean:-
  • Issuing 2/3 coupons for getting discount from a particular service provider enrolled in the service category of C2D in a single day.
  • Issuing coupon again & again for getting discount from a particular service provider without availing even one.
  • Not utilizing at least 2 out of every 3 coupons issued as directed. Issuing coupon from a service provider continuously for one week without exercising even one.
  • Issuing coupon just for the sake of annoying/frustrating the service provider without any intention to use them.

*It is advised to kindly go through the terms and conditions of C2D before becoming a user/ associate.